It all started with a Professor named Dennis Erickson, Astronomy Professor at the Chicago Latin School and active member of the International Dark-Sky Assn. WebSite: SIDEWALK ASTRONOMY CLUB-CHICAGO SECTION-IDA.

It was his inspiratin and enthusiasm about astronomy that began the whole thing. Prof Erickson can still be seen practicing his trade on the streets of Chicago when there is a good crescent moon out!

This web site, the organization, and all of those city dwellers whom have for the first time (and there are MANY) seen the moon through the lense of a telescope owe Professor Dennis Erickson a BIG debt of gratitude!

Since then, I've (Matthew Versaggi) since started a branch in the suburbs (Specifically Downers Grove, IL) and hope to bring the same fun and astronomy enthusiasm to the suburban folks as we have in the city.

We have recently gotten sponsorship from the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum in Chicago, and are proud to represent their interests in everything we do!

We are also interested in growing our club with new members. If you are of any age , enjoy telescopes and want to share your enthusiam with the public, please consider getting involved. We'd love to have you join us. It's Free! All you need is your own scope, and a few free nights.